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Mind Body & Soul fitness has a wide variety of recipes that will fit into your weight loss, Stabilization or Maintenance program. Each recipe has been tested with clients and work with your weight loss program. Enjoy!

Zucchini PizzaZucchini PizzaBy Cindy RossonCount each slice as: 2 1/3 Veggies, ½ Protein, 1 Dairy
Recipe Image Coming SoonSpicy Spinach ChickenBy adminmakes 3 servings Count each serving as 1 protein, 1 dairy, 1 fat, 1 starch, 1 veggie
Recipe Image Coming SoonFiesta ChickenBy adminThis is one serving Each serving counts as : 1 Protein, 1 ½ veggies, 1 starch and 1 fat
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