Colleen Mimnaugh

Colleen Mimnaugh
Director of Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Colleen Mimnaugh

Hi, I am Colleen Mimnaugh. I am the director of nutrition here at Mind Body and Soul Fitness. I am also a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and running trainer. I graduated from West Chester University with a nutrition degree and hope to head back there this fall to continue my education and study to get a master’s degree in community nutrition. I love to exercise, my favorite form of exercise are trail runs! But, I know that the only way I can perform to the best of my ability every run is through healthy eating. I have a dog named Maggie who is my companion on all my hikes and adventures. She might even have more energy than me too, believe it or not! In my work here not only do I hope to teach our clients portion control, serving size and nutrition education but also, teach our clients how to moderately add high-calorie foods back into their everyday diet. Our weight loss and fitness journeys may not be easy but they are always worth it!!

Phone: +1 (215) 804-7975

Christina GeryChristina Gery

It works. It wasn’t rocket science. It was good conmen sense. It was a lifestyle change. Paying attention to what types of food, when and how much. I am doing maintenance now and I am so pleased. Missy has been so great to work with. She kind of gets me, I tell her I measure everything and then I don’t have to say how much on my diary.

Marie O'NeillMarie O'Neill

I have lost 30 pounds so far using this program and it is amazing! I have tried every diet under the sun and nothing worked for me until this program it is truly life changing and has managed to give me back my confidence! Highly recommend trying it if you are looking to lose weight and live healthier.

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