Janis Weil

Janis Weil
Fitness Coach

Janis Weil

Hi my name is Janis Weil and I am happily married with 4 children. My struggle with food and weight did not surface until I was an adult and married with children. I had responsibility and stresses and I didn’t know how to handle them, so I buried myself in a bag of candy or something else and it really didn’t matter what it was as long as I was shoving it down. Before I knew it… I had 100 pounds to lose. I tried and tried and I tried to lose that weight with different programs, and they all work for a little while, but you know the story, you go back to what you think is ‘normal’ eating and all that weight comes back on… plus some. That’s when Lesia and Mind, Body and Soul came into the picture. A friend of mine was coming to MBS and was having good success, so why not me. I reached out to Lesia and started on her food program and moving my body. Exercising is really hard when you are 100 pounds overweight. I have lost a total of 100 pounds and kept it off for 3+ years. I am so thankful for Lesia and her determination to not let me crash and burn, for not giving up on me when I wanted to give up, for believing in me when I did not believe in myself and for so many other things. That is the type of LOVE you will feel when you come to MBS. It is my desire for you to feel the same way and I would love to come and walk along side of you and help you achieve your goals too. If you can relate to my story, I’d love to talk to you and encourage you on your journey.

Phone: +1 (215) 804-7975
Email: contact@mindbodyandsoulfitness.us

Beth LewisBeth Lewis

I have tried other weight loss programs with no luck in losing weight. I was not sure if I would ever lose weight. I joined Mind Body & Soul Fitness and not only am I losing weight it has changed my life for the better. My health has improved in just 3 weeks being on plan and I am eating healthier too. I highly recommend Mind Body & Soul Fitness over other weight loss programs.

Maureen SmithMaureen Smith

I love how my coach made me accountable for everything. I lost a lot of weight and following the plan was very easy. Lesia was wonderful during my whole ordeal! This has changed my whole outlook on life. I’m now exercising and eating right. I visit local farmers markets and make more nutritious choices. Total loss is 50 pounds I recommend this plan to anyone that wants to lose weight. Better than any other plans I have tried. Thanks so much!

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