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Hi, my name is Melissa Shafer. I am 50 years old and have 4 beautiful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I started struggling with my weight after my last pregnancy. I tried everything and just couldn’t lose it. 1 ½ years later I went through a life changing event and lost all of the weight and then some but I was extremely unhealthy. A few months later I met the love of my life. I started to gain weight again. Over the next 20 years I continued to gain along with my husband. I would tell myself I was fat and happy. The last few years we vacationed in tropical places and always felt embarrassed by the way I looked and tired of feeling that way. I was completely overweight and out of shape. I lost 15lbs and could not lose any more on my own. I finally decided to make the call. I had met Lesia a few years back and was well aware of the success she had with her weight loss clients. I joined her weight loss program and went to boot camp 2x per week. I couldn’t do a single push up or sit up when I started. With the encouragement of the trainers and weight loss coach I lost another 55lbs and 33 inches. I’m in the best shape of my life at 50. When a few people I know decided to join the program after seeing my result I was so happy that I could be an inspiration and so my new career with Mindy Body and Soul began. I’m so happy and excited to be a part of this wonderful life changing program.


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