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The Team Nicole Marcoe

Fitness Coach

My name is Nicole Marcoe,  I am a fitness coach here at Mind Body & Soul Fitness. I started working out when I first started working, as a way to avoid traffic,  on my way home. To this day I still change into my gym clothes before I leave because once I have them on, I have no excuse not to follow through!  I had the workout dedication but I didn’t have the nutrition part down, and was always looking for way to lose weight. In November 2015 I found Mind Body & Soul and worked with Erin (my food coach) to lose 30 pounds. I felt great and was hooked!  In February 2017 I was a few months away from my wedding and wanted to lose a few inches, to fit the way I wanted to in my wedding dress, so I started utilizing the fitness classes at Mind body & Soul. I found that Barre and Pilates are a great way to tone up.  I am excited to share my passion for working out with all of you. I am now a certified Pilates/Barre instructor!  Sometimes the days you don’t feel like working out, are the days you have your best work out!  Never give up!