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Hello, my name is Lesia Petrizio

Our goal is to show clients how to lose weight and keep it off with behavior modification, nutritional and life coaching, and spiritual direction.  Weight loss involves the whole person.  Your mind, body, and spirit.  I have found that learning about your moods, your daily stress, your day, your life, provide a pattern of habits that we work through.  When you start to change habits, weight loss becomes easy, and you learn to keep it off, forever.

What makes this program different for all of the others you have tried?  We develop a relationship with you through daily coaching.  Throughout my career that started in 1985 in weight loss and fitness, I have found coaching my clients every day on journals is the key to their success.  Coaching allows us to address your specific needs and assist you in modifying your behaviors, enabling you to achieve your weight loss goal.  This is not a long-term diet plan.  This is about behavior modification and moderation.

Once you reach your weight loss goal, we work with you on maintaining your weight loss and learning to be moderate in your foods.  I teach that all food is good food (as long as no allergies or medical issues) if eaten in moderation. Practicing your behavior changes and moderation are essential to keep the weight off.  We can help you!  If you are up for a challenge and are ready to make lifestyle changes, we are here to help you!

But is there really hope for me?  Can I finally lose the weight and keep it off?  Yes if you are willing to work with your coach, the goal is achievable.  If you are up for a challenge, we can meet it!  God Bless You!.  Lesia

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Weight Loss changed everything
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You can be one of these fantastic clients!   None of them did it alone. They had challenges; they faced obstacles; they had meltdowns, but, a food coach worked with them daily, helping them achieve what they wanted, peace with food.  Losing weight is possible.

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