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Behavior Coaching: Are you ready to make a change?

Not everyone is ready for this type of weight loss behavior modification coaching but read on to determine if you are.  First, let’s talk about weight loss. You will be consuming normal foods from the grocery store. All food groups are there. If you have allergies or food restrictions due to medications, your program will reflect that.  Your program is detailed. You will be told the time you are to eat, which food groups to choose from at a specific time, the specific items within those food groups, and the serving size. You will determine which of those foods to eat. There is no guesswork involved, it is exact, and results are immediate.

So how is this different?

Your program is precise. When you follow what has been written for you, you will lose two to three pounds each week. The accountability we provide is the key. You will step on your bathroom scale three times each week, take a picture of your feet on your scale, and text it to your coach first thing in the morning. You will keep a food journal and a behavior journal each day. Your food journal is a detailed record of exactly what went into your body. This is essential because without your journal I am not able to help you. Each night, you will take a picture of your journal and text the image to your coach. We will review each journal entry daily and provide feedback.

Another component of accountability is your behavior journal. This involves writing down how you are doing and what you are feeling. This information helps us discuss with you the behavior that you are showing and the food you are using food to handle it.  You take a picture of this each night and text to your coach. We review it and start a conversation with you on ways to make changes.

There is a spiritual dimension to this program.  Many clients rediscover or go deeper or discover God. I never know what emerges during coaching.  I do like to tie in how God is working in your life.

You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of personal behavior coaching via zoom. I offer to clients 30-minute weekly Zoom meetings to work on retraining your brain. This looks different for
each client.

The right weight loss program

Mind, Body & Soul Fitness is not just dieting to lose weight, we work with you on a different level. We develop a nutritional plan combined with behavior coaching, hold you accountable, and celebrate your successes as well as support you should there be any setbacks. It is a journey and we’re on it together. When you utilize all aspects during the weight loss phase you will come away changed.

We are different. If you are ready to handle your weight loss differently, then contact us.

You will get to a place in your journey where you feel comfortable and happy, and you will say that you are ready to stop. So, what is next?

You will transition to stabilization. This is where we will reintroduce you to all the isles of the grocery store. All the foods and beverages that were not options for you are now going to be reintroduced back to you. This is done in a very controlled manner and each of our clients is unique. You will still step on the scale three days per week and keep a journal of your food and behavior. By doing so, you learn how to eat all foods in moderation. Yes, moderation! We work together with you to reintroduce you to all foods in moderation. You will want to take this step seriously, otherwise, you will never learn how to balance your diet and that will lead to gaining the weight back.

The three roads

Once you have completed the stabilization process, you are ready to move onto maintenance. There are three roads that you can walk down in maintenance.

The first road takes you straight into maintenance. This is a free part of the program where you do weekly weigh-ins for as long as you want. This type of accountability helps you through all of life’s adventures! We are still with you, just not on a daily basis. This is so important. You can stay on maintenance for as long as you like.

The second road is to extend the stabilization phase. Some of our clients are not ready to go into maintenance and instead they opt to purchase a 10-week pre-maintenance option. So basically, it is just extended stabilization.

The third road, one we do not recommend you take, is to opt-out of the free part of the plan. Those who do partake in opting out of the maintenance phase typically end up re-enrolling after about six months.

Maintenance is like teaching your kids to drive. You would never tell your child just read the state driving rule book and then send them out to drive! No, we practice for a very long time! This is maintenance. If you do not practice your new behaviors, you will not learn peace with food and the scale.

The program cost is $445 for the first set of 10 weeks and $300 for each additional 10-weeks you buy until you reach the maintenance phase.

The personal coaching program via zoom is $120 for 4 thirty-minute weekly zoom sessions.  You must be a client to be eligible for the personal coaching program.  The personal coaching program is an optional part of the program and not included in the program cost or renewal weeks.

Let’s talk about how Mind, Body & Soul Fitness can help you make a change, please contact us for
more info.

God Bless!



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