The Team

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the Mind, Body & Soul team page.  It takes a team to do what we provide for each client.  Let me tell you about each one of them.  They are all very special to me and help provide you with daily coaching, accountability, nutritional guidance, and support.  We all care about your success now and in years to come. Colleen is my Coaching Manager and head Nutritionist.  She works on all client plans assigned to Cindy and Janis.  Colleen speaks to your coach weekly about your progress, challenges, and successes.  She assists your coach in your success.

Colleen’s job does not stop there! She also handles all the stabilization plans you receive. She makes sure you are on track for success with stabilization. Colleen also handles tracking our maintenance clients. Her focus is on your continual success.  She is talented, smart, and on top of her game.  I am blessed to have her on the team!


Cindy and Janis are your coaches.  These ladies are so focused on assisting you in your journey!  They take each of you where you are and coach you to success.  Just like any coach, they are firm, direct, funny, loving, supportive, informative, and there when you need them.  Your interaction daily creates a relationship like no other.  They get to know you and will guide you in behavior and food changes. So no matter what you do for a living.

From medical personnel to first responders, full-time moms, office workers, road warriors, over the road truckers, retired, jet setters, military, government, we can handle it because we have worked with you already! Your Coaches are here to help you achieve success now and forever. Behavior change is key! Our coaches are well trained and an asset to me and you.  I am fortunate to have Cindy and Janis.  They care about you and me!


Erin is my bookkeeper and payroll admin. You will never meet Erin because she is the back end.  She keeps the books and pays the bills! I am forever grateful to Erin. She is exceptionally talented at her job!


Judy is my company administrator. Judy runs the entire back end of the business.  The list of what she does is vast and essential.  From the moment you send me your new client paperwork to monthly pictures and renewals, and weekly weights. Judy takes care of it all.  Her talent at keeping is straight is beyond what I could say here. Judy has seen me delete files, make spreadsheets disappear and many more missteps and with a smile, she would say, “don’t worry, I’ll fix it! She did! Thank you Judy!

My team is my company. They all work for you and your success. Thank you ladies!

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