What our happy clients say about Mind Body and Soul Fitness.

Dana BoettingerDana Boettinger

Today is my 2-Year Anniversary of starting this life style change. I have tried almost every program out there, with initial success, but no permanent changes. I lost 37 pounds and have kept it off since April 2022. I live my life and don’t feel cheated when it comes to eating. You never need to buy pills or supplements. Read that again and then again. You eat real food! The biggest plus I have for this program is the continued accountability and support. I send a picture of my scale to Janis weekly and KNOW this keeps me motivated and accountable. Janis has been amazing and an inspiration. I am so very thankful for her and this journey and would HIGHLY recommend anyone to begin. It may seem restrictive and daunting at first, but stick with it and fight hard through it. I promise you, when you achieve your goals and maintain them for months and months and months, those early days will seem like a gift. Thank you Leisa for sharing with us your knowledge. I will forever be grateful. Happy 2024!

Kelly MyersKelly Myers

Mind, Body & Soul works great! I have tried every other “diet” out there and this is the only program that has helped me to lose weight. I eat healthier now than I ever did before and I feel so much better. Laura is my food coach and her positive encouragement and helpful tips have been amazing. It is so nice to still be able to go out to restaurants and thanks to her menu suggestions I still lose weight. Fitting into my smaller sized clothes again is the best feeling, I highly recommend Mind, Body & Soul!

Robbin CramerRobbin Cramer

Great program! I lost 30 lbs and was never hungry. Great long term support! After staying at my goal weight for about a year I started inching back up but Laura has been very supportive in helping me get back to goal weight. Very nutritionally sound and healthy program

jenn cheifetzjenn cheifetz

Easy program and phenomenal support every step of the way. Laura was my coach but she also became so much more on this journey that started a year ago. She was flexible enough to meet me where I was and make my needs most important but kept me honest and on track. I lost almost 30 lbs and a year later kept it off! Small changes- lifelong improvement! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

brielle cartwrightbrielle cartwright

I have worked with mind, body and soul since 2019. I initially joined to help lose weight for my wedding. I tried so many fade diets that didn’t work for me and were unsustainable. Working with this company helped
Me learn about my body, my eating habits, how to enjoy food and not splurge and to maintain weight! They hold you accountable for your eating, help you through different life journeys and are there for you along the way. I have just recently entered back into the plan after the birth of my son and I am almost back to my pre baby weight! I feel confident and healthy! I am so happy I have found this company and I have enjoyed working with Laura and Lesia.

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