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Welcome to Mind, Body & Soul fitness Recipes! All the recipes you find are on your plan and over the years loved by many!  The recipes are uncomplicated and family-friendly.  There are endless ways to cook your food. If you have a recipe that you would like to try, text it to Lesia at 215-804-7975.

Why be creative with your food? I have found over the years that 80% of clients do not like to eat the same thing. They like variety and different tastes and textures. So, recipes assist you with getting out of that feeling. Recipes are also easy for families. If there is only time to cook one meal, this is a great way to feed the family and stay losing weight. For some of our clients, they prepare a weeks’ worth of dinners and freeze for the week.

Meal planning is essential for success.  Why? Because if you do not know where you are going, you will never arrive.  Meal planning is your road map to success.  You must understand how you are eating for the day or the week you are in.  I have found that a sense of peace washes over the clients who plan their meals. Before long, this becomes a habit.  Meal planning also sets parameters.  It gives you clear expectations and it provides you routine. Routine is something most people need.

Meal Planning success

Meal planning also saves you time and money.  It is also less stressful.  Planning will keep you calm and avoid feeling out of control.  Most clients do not do well with unknow or last-minute decisions.  It raises their stress levels and they feel out of control, so that leads to eating off-plan, the standard response to handling stress.  That is why you are here!  To deal with this take time! Plan your eating day and week! You can do it!!

The benefits of spending 15 minutes planning your week are: feeling acommplished, feeling fantastic, feeling in control and loving weight loss !

Give some recipes a try!!

Jana’s Sweet TreatBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a treat from one of our clients. Thanks for the recipe Jana! Keep them coming!
Smoothies!By Kevin PetrizioI love sitting out on the deck in the springtime. As if gets warmer it's always nice to have something to sip on to cool off. Smoothies fit the bill perfectly! Full of flavor and good for you, they are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the day. There are literally hundreds of different ways to make a smoothie. Not only are there many different fruits, but almost as many veggies that can be added. If your program allows for an extra Veggie, try adding in a peeled and seeded cucumber or a serving of carrots to you mix. Cucumber is bright and refreshing and carrots bring sweetness. And then there is Kale. Many people swear this is the best breakfast food. What will be your favorite?
Baked Apple & Raisins (Microwave)By Kevin PetrizioThere are literally hundreds of apple types available in this country. They are nutritious and are believed to have many health benefits. That's probably where the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" comes from. Eat them raw or cooked, but do leave the skin on. It is believed that many of the nutrients are in the skin. Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red and Yellow Delicious, Macintosh, and Honey Crisp are just some of the more commonly know varieties of apples available in most grocery stores.These apples all have different flavors and textures. Some work better than others when cooking with them. Apples are fairly inexpensive so I urge you to try different ones and see what your favorites are.
Chunky Applesauce and Fruit SaladBy Kevin PetrizioFruits and veggies can be boring! Let's face it, eating the same fruit day after day can be tedious. So let's make 2 fruit dishes that can add some flavor to your day.
Pineapple SalsaBy Lesia PetrizioMakes 4 cups ~ 1 cup of salsa counts as 1 fruit and ½ a veggie serving
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