Libby Besch

Libby Besch
Food Coach

Libby Besch

My name is Libby.

I thought weight loss was pretty much a lost cause at this time in my life. Well, I can tell you it was not. This is my journey.

I can tell you that the first time I started the plan, my life was pretty much falling apart. My mom got really sick. She wanted me to eat whatever she was eating. If I made her what she wanted and didn’t eat it, she wouldn’t eat it either. Well, I couldn’t have her not eating. She was weak enough without having to worry about her not eating. She would give me lines like: I would like this for dinner but only if you eat it with me. Well, of course, she was my mom, and she was sick; I just couldn’t deny her. So off the plan, I went to take care of her. I lost her later that year. Which put me in a tailspin.

After her passing, I have to admit I didn’t go right back on the plan. But eventually, I made that call to Lesia. I couldn’t fit in my summer clothes, and I refused to buy new ones. I said to Lesia its time. I started the plan again.

I started the plan in June around my birthday. Sort of a birthday gift to myself. Well, not only did I get back in my summer clothes rather quickly. I also grew out of them quickly. So I had to buy clothes. But this time, buying clothes was different; I was starting to purchase sizes I thought I would never see again. The girls at work were calling me the incredible shrinking woman.

Now a little about the plan. I can honestly say I am never hungry. So many healthy choices to make. Who could imagine healthy food could taste so good. They teach you to modify your behavior too. It’s not just what you eat; it’s also how you think and why you choose to make the choices you do. They teach you how to deal with each situation you may fall into. The best part of the plan is the coaches are so encouraging and helpful.

If someone told me I would weigh approximately 196 pounds at this time in my life, I would have laughed. But with hard work, great coaching, and persistence, here I am. It’s like I lost a whole person. I started the plan at  278 pounds.

A little medical history for you all to think about My cholesterol and blood pressure were both at heart attack level before going on Mind, Body & Soul Fitness. See, I had allergic reactions to most of the medicines they tried me on for blood pressure and cholesterol. With the help of Lesia, I was able to lose weight and not need these medications. My doctors, including my cardiologist, were jumping up and down for joy. My doctors have always been involved with my weight loss because of my medical conditions.

So if you think it is impossible, I’m here to tell you it is not. Never give up. Stay strong. God bless.

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