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The Team Michelle Garges

Running Coach / Fitness Coach

My name is Michelle Garges. I am a married, mother of 3 children. When I lost my mom from breast cancer in my late 20’s, it eventually drove me to have the desire to begin running; to at least feel as if I was attempting to be healthy. At that point, I might have had some sort of grip on the “exercise” piece of health; but definitely not the nutrition portion. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this old Lean Cuisine commercial? In it; the women joke back and forth about how their day’s meals consisted of left over crusts and a stale marshmallow Peep. Those were my eating habits almost EXACTLY; and it really wasn’t funny. While balancing being a wife, a mom, homeschooling, and working from home; I was putting absolutely no thought into what I was putting into my body; and also using food to TRY to make the stress and tiredness go away. At which point; Lesia has come into my life twice, now; to help me to realize that by having a plan about what and when I’m going to eat makes me a lot happier and healthier Michelle. I now have the privilege to begin serving as a Run Coach for MBS. Someone was willing to meet me where I was at years ago so that I had the chance to grow into the runner I’ve become over the past 12+ years. It is my pleasure to “pay it forward”.