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Welcome to Mind, Body & Soul fitness Recipes! All the recipes you find are on your plan and over the years loved by many!  The recipes are uncomplicated and family-friendly.  There are endless ways to cook your food. If you have a recipe that you would like to try, text it to Lesia at 215-804-7975.

Why be creative with your food? I have found over the years that 80% of clients do not like to eat the same thing. They like variety and different tastes and textures. So, recipes assist you with getting out of that feeling. Recipes are also easy for families. If there is only time to cook one meal, this is a great way to feed the family and stay losing weight. For some of our clients, they prepare a weeks’ worth of dinners and freeze for the week.

Meal planning is essential for success.  Why? Because if you do not know where you are going, you will never arrive.  Meal planning is your road map to success.  You must understand how you are eating for the day or the week you are in.  I have found that a sense of peace washes over the clients who plan their meals. Before long, this becomes a habit.  Meal planning also sets parameters.  It gives you clear expectations and it provides you routine. Routine is something most people need.

Meal Planning success

Meal planning also saves you time and money.  It is also less stressful.  Planning will keep you calm and avoid feeling out of control.  Most clients do not do well with unknow or last-minute decisions.  It raises their stress levels and they feel out of control, so that leads to eating off-plan, the standard response to handling stress.  That is why you are here!  To deal with this take time! Plan your eating day and week! You can do it!!

The benefits of spending 15 minutes planning your week are: feeling acommplished, feeling fantastic, feeling in control and loving weight loss !

Give some recipes a try!!

Taco SaladBy Kevin PetrizioTaco salad is a versatile and easy to make meal that is perfect for a quick, weeknight dinner the whole family will enjoy. I used beef, but feel free to use ground turkey or even kidney beans if you want to make it meatless. To save time I used bagged, shredded iceberg lettuce.
Tomato & Cottage CheeseBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a delicious and healthy dish that is quick to put together because there is no cooking! I used fresh basil to garnish, but dried basil or oregano will also work. The fresh basil is incredibly aromatic and is a natural pairing with the tomatoes.
GnudiBy Kevin PetrizioGnudi, pronounced "nudie" is derived from the idea of it being like the inside of a ravioli. But with no pasta outside. I've adapted a recipe to fit our needs and it is a little different than the traditional way of making them. But they are still tasty!
Eggs with Rice and Spicy Thai ChiliesBy Kevin PetrizioIt is common in Asian cuisine to pair eggs with rice. This is a combination I had never tried so I researched it and found several recipes that make a spicy "salsa" to add over the top. Mine is adapted from a Thai recipe and is VERY spicy. You can reduce the heat by replacing the chilies with chopped red and green bell peppers if that is more to your liking. This mix will also go great over fish, chicken and even a steak. The flavors are amazing.
Jana’s Sweet TreatBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a treat from one of our clients. Thanks for the recipe Jana! Keep them coming!
String Beans and Cherry TomatoesBy Kevin PetrizioHere is an interesting and tasty side dish. String Beans and Cherry Tomatoes sauteed with garlic. This is another veggie dish that can be paired with many different proteins including steak, fish, pork, and chicken. I made mine with a center cut pork chop and baked potato.
Egg Drop SoupBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a quick and easy soup for the cold weather. I paired it with my Egg Roll and made a full meal out of it.
Egg RollBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a great side dish that goes with just about any protein. You can vary the veggies to suit your taste. Also, there are several different spice mixes that you can use depending on your taste. I went with the basics, but experiment for yourself! Also, you can use pre-cut cabbage and carrots. Just make sure there is nothing else in the ingredients list.
Spinach Stuffed Pork ChopBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a pork recipe that satisfies the meat eater in some of us. A stuffed center cut pork chop. You can cook it in the oven as I did in this recipe, or you can grill it. The most important thing is to get the temperature correct. 145° and then rested for 3 minutes is what you want. Try not to go too far over that as it will dry out the chop. For juicy and tender, 145-150° is the sweet spot.
Sloppy JoeBy Kevin PetrizioAnother oldie but goodie! How about a Sloppy Joe sandwich? I made mine with ground turkey, but you can use ground beef or chicken if you like. Just adjust the amount to the correct size for your plan. Also, if toast doesn't work, try half of a pita or even a tortilla if you want. As a person who doesn't usually like mustard, I rarely use it in my recipes. But I didn't want this to just taste like ground turkey in tomato sauce. So I tried a small amount of mustard with a little honey and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the flavor. It really did capture the sweetness and tang of the version from my younger days.
Chickpea & Spinach CurryBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a vegetarian meal requested by a client. I’ve reduced the number of spices to make it easier to assemble. You can use homemade chicken or vegetable broth or just plain water. The spices are the star of this dish!
Turkey Pot PieBy Kevin PetrizioWhat to do with all of the Thanksgiving leftover turkey? Why not make a simple version of a turkey pot pie. Feel free to substitute your favorite veggies for the ones that I use. Also, beef and chicken work well in this recipe. For a beef pot pie, exchange the sage for 1/4 teaspoon of thyme.
Honey BBQ ChickenBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a spice blend that you can mix with honey and olive oil to make a quick and easy BBQ sauce. I paired it with a shredded chicken breast stuffed into half of a pita and made our coleslaw to round out the dish.
Pumpkin Spice LatteBy Kevin PetrizioHere is another requested recipe. The Pumpkin Spice Latte! This is a great drink on a cold Autumn day. Made with real pumpkin and fresh spices. It takes about 10 minutes to put together and you can make it ahead and reheat it if you like.
Peppers and Egg SandwichBy Kevin PetrizioThis is an Italian favorite. The pepper and egg sandwich. You choose how spicy you want to make it by the peppers that you use. I used a mixture of long hots and red bell. That gave me a medium heat level. Use just some bell peppers if you don't like spice.
Manhattan Clam ChowderBy Kevin PetrizioThis soup is tasty and healthy all at once. You could even replace the clams with cooked beans and you would have an amazing soup. Add some hot sauce to make it even more interesting if you like.
Toaster PizzaBy Kevin PetrizioI have had a few requests for some Pizza. I tried a few different recipes and they were simply not good. The problem is the crust. It just didn't turn out right. So I decided to just use toasted bread as a crust and the results were much better. You can experiment with different topping; peppers and onions, ground beef or pork and spinach come to mind. If using a veggie, remember to count the tomato sauce as 1/2 of a veggie. If you want to use ground beef or pork, cut back the cottage cheese to 2 oz. by weight and use 2 oz. of beef or pork.
GuacamoleBy Kevin PetrizioHere is a requested recipe. Guacamole! Whether you are adding it to a fajita, or spreading it on a piece of toast, making a tasty "Guac" is always a respected skill. And it is not difficult or time consuming to make. Just a handful of ingredients and 10-15 minutes is all it takes, no cooking required. I recommend cutting up your ingredients before scooping the avocado out of its skin. Then add the lime juice and mash right away. This will keep the color green longer. We are counting this as 1 serving of fat. You can ignore the small amount of veggies in each serving which is an ounce and a half.
Fish in Crazy WaterBy Kevin PetrizioThis dish in Italian is "Pesce all’Acqua Pazza" which translates to "Fish in Crazy Water". You really can't make this stuff up! The fish and the cherry tomatoes are key here. Get the freshest that you can. If you have a farmers market nearby and the tomatoes are in season, get them. You will be amazed at the results. As far as the fish is concerned, I used cod, but any white fish will work. Grouper, halibut, sole, sea bass and flounder are just a few examples. Use your favorite or try something new. But get the freshest that you can find.
Egg Roll in a BowlBy Kevin PetrizioThis is a recipe that was sent in by a client from the internet. I adapted it to fit our program. It's basically a stir fry using the ingredients of an egg roll. I never pass on the opportunity to try a good stir fry recipe. Like all stir fry recipes, feel free to try different veggies and spice combinations. And, of course, this can be made with chicken, beef and even shrimp. Just make sure to adjust your protein serving size to your plan.
Grilled Veggies and Sweet PotatoBy Kevin PetrizioWe all like to cook on the grill in the nice weather. A hamburger, a chicken breast, or a pork loin are all good options. But what to serve with them? Why not grill up some veggies and sweet potatoes. Many of these veggies have a completely different flavor when grilled. And the presentation is impressive. By grilling a variety of things, there is something for everyone. Some other veggies that work well on the grill are: Eggplant, asparagus, red onion, carrots and cauliflower. I will leave a link below to some dressings that you can use to baste the veggies with for a different flavor.
Stuffed PepperBy Kevin PetrizioI was not a fan of peppers as a child. I grew to enjoy them. In fajitas, or stir fries they give a special flavor. For me it was an acquired taste. Now I use them almost every day and can't imagine not using a pepper in most meals. But it is still uncommon to use one as the primary ingredient in a dish. This is a dish that not only tastes great, but also looks sharp on a plate. I love stuffing veggies. It makes for a nice presentation and usually tastes great. Peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and cabbage are just some of the veggies that can be stuffed. Let me know what some of your favorites are.
Spinach SouffléBy Kevin PetrizioVery few words create fear in a home cook's heart like the word "soufflé". We all have images of an incredibly difficult and time consuming recipe to prepare. And what if something goes wrong in the oven? All that work for nothing. Most of us say it's not worth the effort. Well, soufflés aren't really that difficult. It's very similar to making a cake. The next time you want to try something a little different, this is your go to recipe. I've made soufflés before. Both chocolate and cheese. This was my first time with a spinach soufflé. Making it to fit on our plan was a bit challenging, but I think this is a good representation. I noticed that the spinach does not rise as much as the chocolate or the cheese soufflé. But you still get the light and fluffy texture that soufflés are known for.
Shrimp Salad PitaBy Kevin PetrizioThe Po boy sandwich is truly a Louisiana classic. The lobster roll is a New England mainstay. This dish in neither. What I tried to do here is take the best of each and make something that works on our food plans. This is a delicious meal that is easy to make and tastes great. I showed it in the picture on top of the pita, but it is meant to be stuffed into it. The spice mix is meant to give off the well known scent of boiled shrimp that we all know. There are a few variations that you can try with this recipe. The obvious one would be lobster instead of the shrimp. Chopped, cooked oysters or clams are more options. Even cooked cod or flounder would work. Have fun and let me know which is your favorite.
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